How to steam milk for milk frother to make perfect latte art ?

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As a New barista beginner, Do you know how to steam milk for latte art correctly?

This article is from @Karlo_barista Barista Champion 2108 of Croatia.


Does steamed milk type matter to achieve the perfect latte?

Some baristas are saying that: " It doesn't matter which milk type are we using, just steam milk correctly and it will be delicious."

In one hand we have to agree with them, but using the organic and fresh milk is always the best choice you can make. Keep in mind one simple rule: "More fat, less heat" .

If you are using thick and fresh creamy milk, your baseline temperature is 60 degree(C°).

Once you use the low fat milk options, you will need to slightly increase the milk heat. Never over 80 degree(C°).

In the end, your main goal is to get that creamy and glossy microfoam and you will enjoy in your delicious cups of coffee.

milk steamed

How to steam milk properly?

Place your Milk Frother on the wand with half of the tip of the steam wand submerged under the milk and the rest of the wand showing

Position the wand so that's about a third of the way off the side of the milk jug, just a little bit off the center of the milk jug.

milk frother

Turn the wand on and you should see the milk start to rotate in a vortex like motion and you should hear air being drawn into the milk. While this is going down use your other hand to feel the temperature.

When you magicly decide you've got enough air and you want to stop stretching, just look and listen, you will figure it out, move your milk frother ever up so slighty until you hear that sucking sound stop.

Don't go up too far or you will give yourself way more problem the you need. When the jug becomes too hot to touch for more than a second turnd the steam wand off, clean the wand and blow the steam immedeatly and you are good to go. Your milk should be glossy and creamy and whats most important no big bubbles.

If you turn on your wand and you dont hear any air being drawn into the milk you need to slowly lower your pitcher until you hear air being drawn. If you turn on your wand and you hear a huge blast of air right away you are going to need to move your jug up really quickly to stop the introduction of any excess air.

So position Not Deep enough Or Too Deep are Wrong.

The picture 2 is Correct action.


How much milk is appropriate to use ?

Here we also have one simple rule: "Use that amount of milk you need for one cup". Why?

Because, if you are using way too much milk and steaming it for the second time, you won't get that creamy and glossy microfoam once again. We will explain chemical reactions in next chapter.

Of course it depens on which cup size you are using in your coffee shop, so baristas job is to find that sweet spot how much milk he will use for a cup.


This is the mesure for 350ml milk jug how much milk I'm using for 1 cup.

 milk jug


How to use milk frother for latte art ?

First of All, you have to get a milk frother with good quality and good design, Choose a more professional jug like BaristaSpace with a high degree of recognition.

When you have done your espresso and milk properly it's time for your latte art.

latte art

Here are some steps oh How to use milk:


Begin with the cup tilted slightly away from you.

This will allow you to create a latte pattern with minimal movement of your pitcher hand.

And Pour steamed milk into the center of the cup.

Holding the pitcher about an inch above the cup, pour the milk into the center of the crema. Pour steadily and slowly.


Drop the pitcher closer to the cup; speed up your pour

Gently move the pitcher closer to the cup and tip it with your thumb to slightly speed up the pour.

 latte art



Toggle the pitcher gently and fluidly back and forth to begin creating a zigzag pattern.



Untilt the cup, slow down, raise the pitcher a half an inch, and finish the rosetta

Back the pitcher toward the edge of the cup closest to you while untilting the cup.

Slow down your pour slightly, raise the pitcher about a half an inch above the flat cup, and drizzle a small stream of milk back across the center of the cup to finish the rosetta.

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