Milk pitcher Jugs

BaristaSpace High-Class and Best Quality Coffee Pitchers.

Why Choose BaristaSpace Millk Jugs?

Because it is essential that your milk Jug will always With Sharp Spout and Comfortable Handle!


It will be good for you to steam Milk and make good latte art, and that will not waste of milk more times.

BaristaSpace steaming milk pitcher is good for stretching and introduces air, and the rolling phase with the milk to achieve the fine micro-foam.

And please don't forget that not heat up the milk foam beyond 150°F.

BaristaSpace milk pitchers with very good designed and cool shaped to enable you to create smooth milk foam for cappuccinos and make nice latte art.

Sharp Spout for latte art on Espresso.

It is an important aspect to support your customers with the perfect latte art in your coffee shop.

All our pitchers and jugs are made of high-quality stainless steel and mark of Titanium and Teflon.

Please see the video and check how the milk jug made by the factory:

And it come out from The Titanium machine which is a Titanium plating vacuum furnace, Very High-Class machine and will cost a lot for us.

milk jug factory

The colorful Baristaspace pitchers are very popular in the world and work together with Champions of different countries already.

you can follow Instagram account @coffeeislife11 to check all the latte art videos. And the video posts can also help you to figure out how the Milk jug works.

Please See How BaristaSpace 1.0 Plus Work in below video:


BaristaSpace Version 2  MILK FROTHING PITCHERS Coming UP!!!!

We've collected all experience and suggetions from many Baristas to design what we think are the perfect milk pitcher for BaristaSpace Version2.

milk jug
We've worked with different country's Barista Champions and some Baristas who very professional in the latte art Job. like Agarojewska.

Latte Art Champions support us to design the perfect latte art spout, handle, weight, and good looking shape that will be a more popular one in the world.

Please click here to see How BaristaSpace Jugs Work.

We were one of the best companies in Hongkong of China to offer non-stick coated milk jugs and make a more strong laser customize the logo for customization Milk pitcher also.

Check the below range of milk jugs we offer and be confident you're getting the best coffee gear from here.