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BaristaSpace Best 58mm Coffee Tamper and Distribution Tools.

Which espresso tamper Better for you choose to use usually for your own personal?

Firstly, it is very important that you have a better hand tamper to use in your dayly barista job. Many baristas use a handle tamper, but when baristas got very busy for his job, is will be a injury risk if they repeat tamping many times a day. So will feel tired if they used coffee tamper with handle again and again, how can we make it more easy and comfortable?

espresso tamper

Secondly, when you tamping , how much power for the pressure will be enough and correct? If you are a barista beginner, not have rich-expenrice like expert baristas,  how to adjust the tamping pressure to tamp correctly? And frequently baristas may press the espresso tamper as powerful as they can, It is not the more stronger tamping more better.

Thirdly , the coffee will between 30 and 45 pounds of recommended, so you should scale for 30 or 45 pounds, it will be not so convenient and the quality for espresso will definitly not good if you not tamp not enough power, coffee will be not good taste if your coffee tamper is not proffessional for Tamping, And you need a long time and more steps to finish a espresso job.

So threre are many questions will coming.

how experienced are you at making espresso ?  And how can I make that more convenient and professional?

How is the handle to hold if I have a smaller hand or have a bigger hand?

How strong should tamp to coffee tamper will fit up for a barista beginner ?

Can I spend less money to get more professional espresso tamper than handle tamper? 

How to solve all these problems esaily and more quickly?

That is why BaristaSpace tampers and distributors were born, these are born for the solutions of all these questions, no matte you are a home barista or work in the coffeeshop.

What is BaristaSpace espresso tamper and distribution tool?

1. BaristaSpace (BS) have more new versions of the global design, filling the back of the laser carving, and the logo is from a latte art big game and verified many times, this latte art brand logo is very difficult to fade away, it is not a easy fade one like silk-printing.

2. Adjustable height for tamp. Embedded in the depth of the powder bowl part of the innovation to improve the 7 ~ 13mm "stepless" fast adjustment system for the latte art baristas in a short time response. Cloth powder structure adjustment more reasonable, more functional, the use of more smoothly.

3.Tamper Base material is the mirror polished stainless steel and good anti-static effect , no sticky coffee powder. The new base in the side to do a special chamfer design, so that coffee powder is not easy to extrapolate, but also to prevent the vacuum effect. it Changed the handle tamper's short board.

We want our prodcuts more practical, so for coffee tamper cover we design an arc shape and add more adjustable height for the base, so that the barista is more practical to use.

Firstly the hand power will Just pressure in the palm to touch the top of the C tamper, the strength of concentration balance and good for quality of coffee powder in the basket.

Secondly that is 0- 18mm adjustable measurement, very long possible to best the tampers depth.

Thirdly, we increased 0.55kg to 0.75kg for the weight, more easier to tamp and relax your hand.

Please see more details for BS C tamper&distributor Set


4. We are a design company, we found that we have to increase the friction, tend to make anti-skid effect greatly improved, So We want to make a better one 2-in-1 tamper that will be combine coffee tamper and distributor in one tool.

So the D1 tamper&distributor Come out.


We Still upgrading Our Designs, Never Stop!!!

But the Baristas still asked if BaristaSpace can make one with needle. Because sometimes the coffee powders no average. they want to wake up the sleeping coffee powder roll. So We Agree!!

So That is it!!! It Finally CAME OUT!

please check details for C3 Needle Tamper .

What is the different between traditional handle tamper and baristaspace tamper&distributor set?

BaristaSpace tamper and distribution tools Set have C1 and C2 and C3:

        C3 is for waking up the sleeping coffee powder roll

        C1 is Espresso distributor , It is Convex tamper bases.

        C2 is for Espresso Tamper , it is Flat tamper bases.

Convexed tampers 1  have a slight rise , and starting from the centre of the base moving towards the circumference. Just Advoates of convex tampers say they better prevent channeling as the slight incline on convex tampers pushes coffee towards the edges of the portafilter, which prevents water from channelling along the sides as coffee blocks its path.

The tamper 2  based are flat. Just like the entire base of the hand tampers is flush and in full contact with the coffee in portafilter. as long as you have good technique , you can try a convex tamper first, it doesn't matter, then use flat tamper to tamp , that will produces a slightly for more even extraction.

You can buy one tamper of The coffee tamper&distributor set if you like using flat tampers over convex Personally.

We recommand to buy one set C1+C2, because that will get good results with convex tamper first and then the tamper.

Or you can order D1 that will be more convenient, because you not need to take 2 tools anymore.

As the question ,  How much can you spend for BS tamper?

The price is very competitive, you can check the products below this article.


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How to Use BaristaSpace Tamper&Distributor Set: