Ada Crew Milk Pitcher Jugs

“Make more useful and professional coffee milk pitchers for baristas more than everything ”      -----Ada Crew Said.

Ada Crew 3.0 design have been adjusted many times within six months.

What is the difference bettewn Ada Crew 2.0  and Ada Crew 3.0?

What is the points for ungrading?
ada crew coffee milk jug

For the production process,  ADA Crew3.0 base on Ada Crew 2.0 and upgraded.

Actually test again and again to do the design adjustments by baristas .
Have different barista make constant attempts to solve a good design.

And make sure 3.0 will better for baristas to make the good latte art than Ada Crew 2.0.

ada crew 3.0 milk pitcher
And finally get the answer that the milk jug will be most comfortable and all have good feedback from them.

and also Ada Crew 3.0 choose the best molding tool to determine the design ,

1.the milk jug handle Length,

is a real solution to the get the top swing control,

2. the spout design reallpy solve the power of the milk control,  

3.the size of the milk pithcer's capacity can be earlier and lighter to
complete the latte art pattern.

ada crew 3.0 milk jugs

Below products with different color and customize jugs for you to choose.

And Showing how ada crew 3.0 works in this video:

We also want baristas to get the Ada Crew milk pitcher just belong to you.

Send you own pictures and logo, then we will laser on the milk jug,
it will be like  BaristaSpace barista tools do.

Hope you have a good shopping in our BaristaSpace Store.