About Us

Barista Space Brand ABC Product Principle:

A- Affordable.

Means Products Not so Expensive, price is competitive

B- Beautiful.

Means Products Look every beautiful and high class. 

C- Creative. 

Means Products will design with creative and attractive function.

We Make Affordable , Beautiful and Creative Coffee Tools products.

Welcome to Barista Space, The Chinese Largest Online Coffee Tools & Accessory Brand.

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Baristaspace brand is the Famous Brand with very good price.
And Showed by these Champions in the competition.

Baristaspace brand Showed by WBC 2018 champion.
2018 Coffee master london champion .
2018 Croatia barista champion.
2018 Italian latte art champion.
2018 Brazilian Latte Art Champion brand.

And it is Famous Brand showed in WLAC Brazil 2018.

5th place in the final-Poland Champion
Italian Champion get in semi-Final.
Sweden Champion, South Africa Champion, Costa Rica champion, Belarus champion Showed our brand in WLAC first Round.

Can see all WLAC videos here:


Who is BaristaSpace ?

Who Build up BaristaSpace Brand?

--Ak Ou and Mike Simonou.

We have been passionate about product's design since went to school, and love coffee art.

Ak Ou

Mike Simonou



Ever since we were student, we like to have a set of coffee tools of our own like a home barista.

So we focus on design of coffee espresso tools, coffee assecories.

We respect and appreciate the profession of barista.

And we like to give baristas support for the barista job.

Please see this BaristaSpace movie.


Why our Brand name Called "BaristaSpace"?

Later we found that the design of favorite coffee tools can make a cup of good coffee ~ to release the pressure of work ~

and also we want to relax the barista job for baristas,

give them more space...

when the baristas under the pressure and feel tired...

and see their own jug. own tampers and..will full of happiness...

that is the way to give them power and more freedom space...

we were thinking how to give barista job more passional and encourage for them to love the barista job.

So we Start the Customize project.

Your coffee tools, Your name.

    Please Click here to see How the Baristas Used BaristaSpace milk jugs

We Can Laser your logo onto the coffee milk jugs, tamper, keychains,kettle, aprons etc.

because we looking at the world's top barista to make a variety of coffee ~

taste good ~ but found a lot of barista’s work pressure is so huge ~

their boss like to get more guests to drink coffee in the coffeeshop  because the boss would like to make more money, So baristas not only need to got professional skills of espresso and latte art, and also will have to face the pressure when they working.

1. barista skills, 2, passion, 3. happy job

we build up the brand Baristaspace to give every barista a set of own coffee tools to use  every day ...

just like working with a very happy friend when the barista using the coffee tools.

We will design good quality coffee tools, and customize their name and logo in the jug and tampers, look very cool.

Why you choose BaristaSpace? 


1.Good Design.

For example. 

The weight of the coffee tamper and intelligent height adjustment will lead to the degree of loose powder when pressing ~ to seriously affect the quality of the espresso ~

Can see our tamper Design here.

Can see the milk pitcher design here.

2, Good Quality and Good Price.

For example.

The shape of the milk jug's spout ~ size ~ design ~ will affect the fineness of the pull flower

~ The handle of the milk jug to be used smooth and comfortable.

~ the weight to be able to have a good degree of comfort ...

So we want to make beautiful designed ~ customizable and affordable products.

This is the responsibility and mission of Baristaspace ... 

3. Good Reputation.

Have many Baristas like our products, including latte art Champions of France..Australia.UAE...Poland..UK..Mexice..Greece .Switzerland.Brazil..spain..Italy..philippine and Japan....and more..

untill now all Champions which is professional barista in their country and all say BaristaSpace jug is good quality and good design...

And some baristas use baristaspace to join the latte art championship , get a good rank.

And you can follow instagram account @coffeeislife11 to see all the pictures

Showing some Baristas:


*3rd WLAC '17 🇵🇱

*Barista Champ '15 '16 🇵🇱

*Latte Art Champ '14 '16 '17

*2nd 🇵🇱 Brewers Cup '17

*2nd NY coffee masters ’17

Kiss the BaristaSpace jug.


UK Latte Art Champion 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 !

World Latte Art Championship 2016 Finalist.


🏆 2nd World Latte Art Championship 2017

🏆 8th World Latte Art Championship 2016

🏆 Hellenic Latte Art Champion 2016 & 2017


France. Latte Art addict.

🏆champion de France 🇫🇷 latte art 2017


Italian latte-art champion 2015 🇮🇹 🏆

7º place world latte-art championships 2015🏆


🥇 Campeón CV Forum Café 2014 ▪️

🥇 Campeón CV Forum Café 2015 ▪️

🥇 Campeón CV Forum Café 2016 ▪️

🥇 Campeón Nacional Forum Café 2016


* 2015 brazilian latte art champion 🏆

🥇 * 2017 2nd brazilian latte art championship

🥈 * Courses and trainings

8. solissolis_

World Latte Art Championship 2017🏅24th Place •

Mexican Latte Art Championship 2017🏆1rst Place

•Mexican Latte Art Championship 2016 🏅10th Place

9. latte_artist_tam

🦇Semi final NTLAC 2018 🏆

3rd Latte Art Thailand Coffee Fest 2016 Thanks for following

✨Latte art🐉🐨 ❤️Coffee☕️ 🙋Roots' Barista & Latte Artist 🖌


Use baristaspace to win the indonesia latte art throwdown.

We have more baristaspace lovers in the world, like :

11. barista.mike




14. barista_ji_seong

🏆2017 Alfredo latte art Throwdown "1st place"

🏆2017 Cement Match latte art Throw down "2nd place"

🏆2017 WYBC "2nd place"

🏆2017 SWLAC "4&5th place"

15. karlo_barista

Head barista and owner: Caffe bar

2.kat☕ SCA Barista Skills Foundation📚

SCA Barista skills Intermediet📚 Professional&AS


and more baristas like"




And have more BaristaSpace Lovers Baristas Showed their milk jugs and Latte Arts in our website, thanks to them.

Click to see Barista Tools Buyer Show and Review.

 What is the BaristaSpace's Wish ? 

We hoping to support the Baristas to make Good coffee espresso for all the world's favorite coffee drinkers.

Most importantly, we also hope that each barista can have a set of their own coffee tools with your name, your favourite Logo. and working everyday by your own coffee tools.

One Barista can get his own milk jug and coffee tools,

Your name, Your jug.

Thank you for your support
– BaristaSpace Team