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Welcome and hope you can join baristaspace shareAsale project.


1. 10% commission on each purchase
2. 60-day cookie duration - get the credit you deserve

We will share money for partners who we worked together before.

We asked many teachers or masters about this issue, how to share money with baristas who can support baristaspace to sale products. To be a Win-Win business way for a long time.

So we find this platform. “ Shareasale”

We set 10% commission , means if you get your own baristaspace link from this shareasale platform, and if your fans buy products from this link, you can get 10% commission of products amount.

Hope you can get the link and sale more orders to get more commission.

For example, if order is 100usd, you will get 10usd.

If you have a lot of fans, your article attractive and your latte art is good, and show the jug , they will buy from your link, more commission you will get.

So let’s begin to get the link.

1.How to register a shareasale Affiliate account?

 Google "shareasale "or check this link.

 sign up your account.

And then put all the information it need to sign up.



After you sign up , Shareasale will need 1 day to check, if you account confirm successfully, you can get the BaristaSpace link from the platform.

2.How to get the link from BaristaSpace to sale and then get 20% commission for one order?


1) Go to “merchant” and search BaristaSpace


2) after you click “join  program” , and then you have to write up your information, I will know that is you. And click “join the program”



3) and then click get links



Click the hide code, and then select URL only.



5) you will get your own aff link for promotion, if you want short link to put on instagram, please see 6),ingnore this step.

You can put this link to wherever you can put, and after the customer click your link to buy products from , you will get 20% commission for the products amount.

You can put the link to instagram or facebook, twitter, or website to make money.


  1. optional, but better you do that.


 and this link is long, and if you put into the instagram it will be so long, so just get the short one, and it will be same.



And then click the create custom link and get the short link, that will be ok.


 So after the short link done, you can put onto your bio link in instagram or facebook post.

see the example below:




and you can also insert the link to your page of your articles in your website.

3.How to withdraw the money from Aff account.

Use payoneer to withdraw money to your bank card.

Anything you don’t understand, please tell me , we will support.

If you don't like this way, you can click here to check the "dropshipping way".