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BaristaSpace Espresso Metal Steaming Pitcher For Coffee Latte Art.


These Milk Frothing Pitcher are made of high-class Stainless Steel 304, and outside for the frothing jug with Titanium Mark for BaristaSpace 1.0 and Water transfering printing for BaristaSpace 1.0 Plus.

We have our team of designers to make upgrade new designs Milk Jugs for every season.

And we have BaristaSpace 2.0 Came Out Already.

coffee milk jugs

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Made out of higher quality stainless steel,which can be determined by its weight!

Handle is perfect size for carrying or holding in the hand,and that is very crucial when it comes to pouring small amounts of milk into a smaller coffee/cappuccino cups.

Smartly designed Spout with a very narrow draining end,that gives a string size stream of frothed milk,in case you're creating certain designs that require accuracy and precision. and you can Check here to see Latte Art Videos from Top Baristas.

All and all,these great products which for sure will last for years to come and is highly recommended. And these Barista Champions Also use BaristaSpace to join the compititions or trainning all over the world.

This Video is for DhanTamang - UK Latte Art Champion (2013- 2018)

Some Baristas receiving these Frothing Pitchers at a big discount because they trust BaristaSpace and buy more units. Most importantly, they giving honest reviews such as pictures and latte art videos on products as well! With that said, We hope you find your right milk pitchers to make your barista job more better.