Motta Espresso Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher Jug

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The 2575 Italy style Professional milk jug is made of 18/10 stainless steel and has the right capacity to froth milk;

1. Made of high-grade 304 # stainless steel, and classic design allows you to easily make various patterns; easy to use, and can be washed by dishwashers.

2. Has three capacities to choose from: 12 ounces (350 ml), 18.9 ounces (550 ml), 125.7 ounces (750 ml); can meet your requirement for different size

3. Multi-purpose: for latte and cappuccino making, measuring liquid volume, stirring milk and cream, making milk foam. Suitable for water, fruit juice, batter, smoothies and other dumpable items.


its easy pouring drip system will allow you to serve your foam easily. This frother has been developed with the Italian barista association .

This model is covered with a black industrial paint over stainless steel.


Red Color

Motta milk jug


White Color :

Motta milk pitcher

Black Color:

Motta milk forthing steaming jugs


The Package for Wholesale:


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