How to Make Perfect Coffee Espresso EXTACTION?

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There are no identical leaves in the world,

There are no two cups of Espresso that are identical.

 Someone Nicely got the Point.

So What will be the best Formula for Espresso?


Firstly, How to adjust the Italian Espresso formula

Adjust Italian espresso recipe is what every barista do before going to work everyday. By constantly tasting coffee,and adjusting the degree of coffee grinding and the proportion of powder,you can obtain a truly satisfying coffee.

Every barista has different preferences for recipes,and every coffee shop has their own standard for their production. Some of them prefer the powder to weight 18gramsand produce 36grams;others like the powder to weight 18grams and produce 40grams;some people want the extract time to be 25-30seconds;others like it to be 30-35seconds. No matter what the recipe is,our ultimate goal is to make the taste of coffee to meet our expectation, and achieve the best quality.


Recipe adjustment principle

During the recipe adjustmentwe will always use the following technical terms.

    • Powder contentThat is the amount of coffee powder in the bowl.
    • ProducedThe amount of coffee in the coffee cup.
    • Extraction timeuse Water to filtrate the coffee powder to complete the extraction of coffee. After that, produce the time it takes to produce quantitative coffee.
    • FormulaCombine all of the above parameters together to form the recipe that the barista follows every day when making coffee.

      For example, the barista will tell you that “My formula is : 18gram powder, output 36gramsextraction time is 25-30secs.”

       coffee espresso

      Isn’t that easy?

      But ,if you’re not a barista

      And if you do not understand the factors I mentioned above,

      How do you know how to adjust the formula?

       Due to the concern of the product quality and the concerns of the fixed costa lot of coffee shops will fix the powder ratiopowder ratio and the proportion of the products).

      So, in the daily adjustment of the formula, the degree of grinding is the only thing requires adjustment.


      Why do you need to adjust grinding

             Only 30% of the baked coffee beans are soluble. Under normal situation,the best extraction rate of Espresso coffee is about 18-22%.

      In order to ensure the extraction rate of the concentrated Italian extract is between 18-22%,we need to adjust the degree of grinding,to control the speed and time between hot water passing through the coffee powder,and ultimately, to achieve the purpose of controlling the extraction rate.


      So , How to Adjust the grinding will be better?

       3 steps to adjust grinding

      1. Weight the coffee powder

      In here, I am going to talk about the issue with the quantity of powder. The maximum amount of powder depends on the maximum capacity of the powder bowl - that is, The weight of the coffee powder, the amount of powder produced by the recipe when grinding normally or the time it takes the bowl to fill with powder content,which can only be less, not more , than the maximum value. You might be wondering what is the reason behind?

      But, that is something we will discuss in the next article~Regarding to the choice of powder bowl,I recommended you to use a double powder bowl,as it has a higher success ratio compared to the single powder bowl.

      The product is more stable. And we find that  this good Coffee Scale is very popular and the feedback is very good.

      coffee scale


      1. Measure the total weight of coffee

      When adjusting the degree of grinding,the ratio between the water and powder must be accurate,the extraction process should be stopped after a certain weight is attained.

      For example:

      Powder content is 20gram,

      water: powder ratio is 1:2,

      then the weight of the entire extract should be 40 grams.

      1. Record the production time

      Remember!You need to press the timer synchronously the moment you press the extraction button in the coffee machine,take record until the end of extraction after turning off the switch. The normal extraction time should be between 20 secs~30secs。

       More Top Coffee Espresso Barista Tools you can click Below

       coffee tool

      How to adjust the degree of grinding

      Sobased on your formula aboveand the steps to operatehow do you know whether the final output of the Italian Espresso, as well as its direction, is required to be adjusted


      1Please check back the points for that How to enjoy tasting Italian in (How to make good Espresso) ,put it simply,the longer the extraction timethe bitter is the taste.

      This happens because the powder is too tinyand you should make it biggerWhen the extraction time is too shortthe taste turns sourand this happens because the powder is too big. So you should make the powder smaller. It is recommended that you adjust two scales.


      2During the case of normal extraction,if the powder is too thick,it will cause the water to flow through the powder bowl too fast.

      When the water flow through the thick partsthe extraction will be shallowand the color will be whitethe flavor will turn sour because the extraction is uneven. You can only extract the acidic substance on the surface or the ones that are easy to extract.

      If the extraction time is longthe surface will be overworkedand the inside will be underworkedthe result is a sour taste because it is not sweet enough. And then the taste will be bitter. If the powder is too tiny,it will block the filter.

      When the water cannot flow out or the water column is too thin, the result is a dark oily color. It will be over extracted. The high temperature and temperature will be inside the powder bowl. And it will have all kinds of mixed bitter taste.

      3At last, I must talk about the problem of unevenness.

      The cause that I am referring to are the uneven of cloth powder, the uneven in pressure appliedcracks in powderuneven grinding of coffee beansand too much tiny powder.

      In this case, the result will be a strange mixture of sour and bitter taste. If you recognized the small powder is the cause the flow rate and color are not the same.

      But, it the powder is too thickand then extraction time is extended, this is a matter of uneven extraction. So, even though the powder is thick, it might not be sour. You also need to look at the extraction time.


      4While you are extracting the Espressoif the flow rate increaseand the color turn unevencrema

      this is because the base has a hole in itwhich produces a “tunnel effect”.

      The “Tunnel effect”will cause water to flow easily to the cracks in the powder and places that are not tight. The result is uneven coffee extractionand the cup of Espresso will not taste good.

      The common reasons of this result is due to the cloth powder being uneven; the pressure applied to the powder is not enough; or there are too much powder being used. So, go home and have more practices.

      After the Good Extracting, How to make perfect latte Art?

      You can check the professional Milk jugs and more coffee tools here.

      milk pitchers

      Especially, the baristaSpace Milk jug, Many Top baristas are using it.

      You can follow instagram


      to check more latte art videos from the Top Latte art championships.

      And Then now we will give more information for more espresso styles for you.

      Different Italian Espresso formula around the world.

      When we talk about Italian Espresso,it is difficult not to mention the hometown of Italian coffee machine. If you have been to Italy,then you must have been to an Italian Espresso store. The surprising thing is that ,the locals use a 1:3 water to powder ratio. This traditional formula has been circulating for centuries.

      So,at the same time, when the Americans and Europeans use 16-19 grams of coffee powder to produce 24-38 grams of coffee, the Italians prefer to make 21 grams of concentrated Italian espresso with 7 grams of coffee powder.

      London:18.5g powder | 34.6g coffee | 26s–35s

      New York:18.7g powder | 35.5g coffee |24s–33s

      Sydney:20.6g powder |  47.2g coffee | 26s–35s

      Moscow:18.3g powder | 33.1g coffee | 22s–27s

      Los Angeles:19.1g powder | 37.0g coffee | 25s–32s

      Then, at last, after learning for so long

      Now, tell me

      Professional barista

      Do you know how to make an Espresso

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