5 Best Pour Over Coffee Drip Kettles 2020

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What kind of coffee drip kettle is the best?


How to choose the best one for you?


What are the selection factors? Compare price, design, popularity, etc?


We will analyze 6 parts and introduce the 5 best kettles for pour-over coffee:


  • 1. Manual or Electric.

  • 2. Capacity.

  • 3. Drip Flow Rate.

  • 4. The spout of the kettle.

  • 5. Design and Material.

  • 6. The Handle.


   1.  Manual or Electric

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing between manual and electric pouring kettles, when you want to make a choice, it depends on each person's likes and preferences.

This is no standard answer. Just think about which kind of product is more suitable for you.

For some Baristas, the convenience of an electric kettle is preferred, But for others, a manual kettle with a stovetop is even better.

Because the price is also a factor. If you have used a good electric kettle, then choosing a regular non-electric kettle will better, you can get manual kettle lighter and lower price, especially electricity parts will get more troubles if have some problems happen.

The problem sometimes happens when you start using the manual stove. The key is that you have not checked whether it is compatible with the type of oven you are using. So check these issues carefully before buying to avoid the kettle not working properly on the induction cooker.

 So how is it the correct way to use a manual drip kettle?

 If you pour the pot manually, you need something to heat the water. For example, you will need another heat source (such as a kitchen stove) for heating.

And if you pour 100 degrees of water into the pot, the temperature of water in the pot will drop quickly because your manual kettle is a lower temperature, so it is best to soak the manual pot with hot water for 1 minute and then pour 100 degrees of water so that the temperature of water in the pot will not Falling so fast, the effect will be better.

Manual models may also need to use a thermometer to check the temperature. There is no whistle and it is impossible to know when the ideal water temperature is reached. Will buy Manual coffee drip kettle with thermometer together will be better.


So an electric kettle is easier to use in this respect because it gives you more convenience.

Because best pour-over kettles always have a built-in heat source, and they have a whistle and an automatic shutdown function.

Of course, for some people, the convenience of the electric kettle is undeniable, but sometimes the stove cannot be replaced because of the weight of the kettle. Electric kettles are generally heavier, and they will be more tired after you hold it for a long time.

So Manual or Electric drip kettle? There’s no right or wrong answer and Just be clear about what you want.


    2.  Capacity

How much is the capacity of the kettle will better?

Ideally, your needs need to be considered first. You don't need a large-capacity kettle, because for a kettle, the higher the capacity, the heavier the kettle, and the more difficult it is to operate.


If the barista consumes coffee more and brewing more per day, it is recommended to use a coffee drip kettle with a capacity of 1000 mL or larger. If you usually only need 1 or 2 cups, then a 500 mL or 600 ml kettle is sufficient.

Now there are more and more different styles of kettles. In the past, most were usually about 1 L, and now coffee kettles of all shapes and sizes are available.

Most gooseneck kettles have a similar effect. However, different people will get different coffee. Depending on the brewing method, a small deviation on the right or left may make a big difference.

If you are not a professional barista or, I recommend using a kettle of water between 0.5 and 1.2 liters.

If you are a family barista, the large kettle allows you to continue brewing without having to replenish unheated water, which can take a big step forward.

Because the effect also depends on how quickly the water flows out of the kettle.

It's time to talk about Flow Rate.


   3.  Drip Flow Rate

The length of the gooseneck and its diameter will determine the speed of flow.

Smaller diameter Spout will flow faster than the larger one.

A regular Drip kettle cannot give you the control or precision you need. With a slender Spout, you can comfortably pour in the required circular motion with much higher accuracy than what a conventional one allows.

Check the design and make sure you don't find any negative reports of water leaks or rust. When the spout is not doing well, the spout is one of the weaknesses of the pot.

So the spout for the kettle is very important for the coffee drip kettle.


   4.  Kettle Spout

The spout is a more important part of the pot, which actually determines whether the best effect can be obtained.

We recommend that you use a pour-over kettle with a long spout. The bottom of the spout should be as close as possible to the bottom of the pouring kettle.


This will ensure greater ease of use, as you must reduce the angle at which you pour the kettle so that hot water flows out of the spout.

For Example, this spout is very special and effective for brewing.


When you are brewing coffee, you will take the time to pour the water slowly and accurately. Not only the spout of the kettle is very important, but also your handle should be comfortable to hold, which makes you more professional and easier to support the kettle for the brewing time.


    5.  The Handle

First, the handle is where your hand will be held most of the time. Therefore, it needs to be ergonomic, comfortable and thermally insulated if the handle conducts heat as it can heat your hands.

We recommend wooden handles. Such a kettle is more environmentally friendly and stylish. Wooden handles have better heat insulation and comfort than other materials.


Of course, it is a relatively subjective thing, but you should pay attention because if unstable or too hot to hold when brewing, your fingers feel tired and touch the kettle body suddenly, will burn your hand.

So Beautiful and comfortable handles are not a guarantee that you won't make mistakes. 

    6.   The Design and Material

The best coffee drip kettles are made of stainless steel.

The thickness of the material is a more important factor.


Due to the thin nature of stainless steel, water is boiled quickly in an energy-efficient manner.

But it also results in a limited life.

So we should be able to lean towards heavier kettles to avoid quality problems.

That will improve the durability of the kettle.

And we want to make sure that any kettle of interest is free of BPA or any other potential contaminants.

Materials used in the construction of kettle and made of non-corrosive materials, such as 18/8 stainless steel.

This will prevent the risk of a build-up of toxins in the kettle as well as a very durable and long-lasting risk.


5 best Drip kettles for pour-over coffee

1. Hario Buono V60 Drip Kettle

Kettle Capacity: 1.2 L.

The Material: Stainless steel.

Product Weight: 1.44 lbs.


For those of you who love to make coffee, you've heard of Hario V60.

Because it's very popular in the coffee world and it's very well known

This is an ergonomic and easy to use pouring kettle,

Many friends like it because the spout is tilted at such a small Angle that you don't have to tilt the kettle slightly to get the water flowing.


You’ll get the good spout correctly when you’re pouring coffee.


  • the kettle holds 1.2 liters of water, much larger than its competitors.

  • Ergonomically comfortable handle.

  • Good Spout. You don't need a lot of tilting to get the water flowing.




  • Thin Stainless Steel kettle gives off more heat and tends to lose heat quicker. 

  • Expensive Price.

  • There's no built-in heat source.


2. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle


Kettle Capacity: 0.9 liter.

Temperature control: yes.

Products Material: stainless steel.

Kettle Weight: 4.52 pounds.


If there's a professional kettle that works conversation to you, it's talking about Fellow Stagg, because investing in it is a good way and it will show that you're serious attitude about your coffee work and on a high budget.

When you enter a temperature between 135 and 212 degrees, it will hold the water at that exact temperature for up to an hour.

The clear LED display will show the temperature, and you can see the progress intuitively.

Although the price is not cheap but can make a beautiful coffee.


  • The timer will start quickly every time when you lift up the kettle.

  • Very durable use for a long time.

  • A smooth LCD display can check the temperature.

  • The handle design facilitates fine control during the dumping process.



  • It will take 60 - 90 seconds to froth the milk.

  • Expensive kettle and Not fully automatic.

  • So heavy to be 4.52 pounds.



Kalita is a Japanese brand and it is popular in the western world these years.


Kettle Capacity: 1.0 L.

Temperature control: no.

Products Material: stainless steel.

Kettle Weight: 1.28 pounds.


And It looks low-key but beautiful, and it does its best to be perfect.

The Spout is very thin and controls good for the flow of water. the handle feels comfortable

But you have to Boil the water in an electric kettle and pour it into Kalita.

Kalita coffee pot is not without defects, but if you can work with them, you can have one of the best-inverted coffee kettles on the market at this price point. This is a quality product that can help you make a stable coffee.



  • Design really fashionable, for your coffee shop, to add more fashion sense.

  • Ergonomics comfortable touching and efficient Spout design.



  •  Expensive kettle, not a competitive price.


4.Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Kettle


Kettle Capacity: 1.0 L.

Temperature control: no.

Products Material: stainless steel.

Kettle Weight: 1.04 pounds.


The kettle is very easy to operate and can reach the optimum temperature for making coffee for people. The overall design of the interior and exterior is made of superior stainless steel, so it will not easily rust.

Moreover, even though the gooseneck kettle consumes 1,000 Watts of electricity, it is more energy-efficient than other similar kettles. We also like the kettle, which has a manufacturer's two-year warranty, so you don't have to worry.


When you boil the kettle, you will enjoy the original power of the 1000 watt equipment and will not have to wait long. You can be patient at the beginning of watering, as this is where stability is needed.

The timer is an incremental timer, so you can record exactly how the coffee is made, and once you dial it in, you can easily copy the brewing.



  •  The electric kettle is more energy efficient.

  • The temperature indicator indicates when it reaches the optimum temperature.

  • The 1.2-liter tank is larger.



  • Very Expensive kettle.


4. Brewista Smart Pour Kettle

The main advantage is built-in temperature control. Each small parameter is important when brewing coffee, and with the ability to change the heat by 1 degree (plus or minus), you have all the options at your command.

The temperature control function is the same as the advertisement. If you examine it carefully with an infrared thermometer, you will find that it is very accurate.

The Brewista is heated fairly evenly - it takes about 5-6 minutes to heat and boil from cold water.

Like Hario Buono and Brewista was on the bigger side. It is worth considering.

The material is stainless steel and has a strong feeling.

The flow and accuracy of the kettle mean that you can best extract the coffee you pour. Not too fast, not too slow, just fine.


The Drip kettle enables us to do this without the flow being restricted by the nozzle, allowing the barista to choose the dumping speed without having to correct the flow less than the vertical direction. It is lighter than its opponent because it is comfortable with a lightweight wooden handle.

Other jugs can be too heavy and unbalanced, causing unnecessary pressure on the wrist. And its electronic interface is simple and stylish. The quick cook option is good.



  • The flow of the kettle is not limited by the Spout.

  • its weight is lighter and the handle is comfortable, which makes it easy and not put big pressure on the wrist.

  • And its electronic interface is stylish.



  • The bottom of the spout is not strong enough.


5. BaristaSpace 3-in-1 Special 600ml Kettle






And Why Call This Kettle 3-in-1?

Please See the Below Video:

To be honest, price is the reason people buy BaristaSpace in the first place.

Then there's the look and function.

It looks really high-Class, The second reason is the special spout, which adds to the magic of the kettle because the water can run straight down without tilting the body too much.

On the other hand, many people like the overall design because it is easy to clean. You just need to wipe it to keep it shiny and fresh for a long time.

The wooden handle of the kettle can avoid scalding the hand due to the temperature of the water, and it is comfortable to use.

The product is more solid and carefully built, in terms of quality will not let you down, also won't rust with time.



  • Many Brewers Cup Champions using this kettle to brewing coffee. Can check the reviews for this coffee kettle.

  • The Special spout can really solve the problem of the kettle tilting too much when the hand is rushing.

  • The wooden handle and wooden lid are so convenient and comfortable and avoid burns.

  • Fashionable, modern design, especially the titanium color is very attractive.

  • The price is relatively competitive, about 49usd can buy one.



  • Sometimes is not enough quantity in stock, you need to check before you prepare to order more.

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