How to Buy Best Milk Jug to Make Latte Art for Barista

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This article will tell you how to choose best milk jug and introduce several better latte art pitchers.

What kind of milk pitcher is the best?

The best milk jug is to make latte art you want. Different jug used for different kind of coffee art.

There are two basic skills that are essential for every barista. These are milk steaming and pour latte art.

These two parts are not easy to master, especially at the beginning, but there is a key point for sure : Choosing the right milk pitcher will be a great help.

The best milk steamer are made specifically for foaming milk, creating great micro-foam, and will pour the latte art easier and better.
And will introduce 4 barista milk jugs,  you can decide for yourself which one is best.

Different milk jug have different color, design, size, shape, spout type, and weight, and they are all designed and distributed by different brands around the world.

latte art pitcher

So, there are many coffee tools on the market to choose from, some brands sale very expensive, but is that good for us? 

And how can we know which milk jug is best price and better quality for ourselves?

Pouring an elegant tulip into a cup of coffee is a beautiful addition to your morning coffee for baristas.
But sometimes barista want to make fine line , how to choose a right milk pitcher?
And without the right barista equipment, you will be seriously lacking latte art. So, take a look at your needs to choose a pitcher.

So we will start to talk about:

4 parts to choose right milk jug.

1. Shape and Size
2. Material and surface treatment
3. Spout
4. Handle


1. Shape and size:

We need milk jugs of different capacities: 1 litre capacity milk jug, 3/4 liters and 1/2 liters.

These measurements refer to its full volume. Based on the number of cappuccinos required, we will use a milk jug, remembering that in order to perform it properly, it is necessary to fill half the capacity of the milk jug.

In a 1 liter milk jug, we will pour about 1/2 litre of milk. In a liter of 3/4, we will pour half the capacity, within a liter of 1/2, we will pour in 0.250 liters. Use a classic cup with a typical capacity of 180 ml.

That means 18 cents, we will have 4 cappuccinos with 1 litre milk jug, 3 cappuccinos with 3⁄4 liters 1 and 2 cappuccinos 1⁄2 litre. Milk that has been in the milk frother for a long time does not have to be reused. It loses the quality of whipping, especially the cappuccino.

Most milk jugs are available in two sizes, 12 ounces and 20 ounces. However, if your coffee bar needs it, you can find smaller and larger jug. In general, 12-ounce and 20-ounce cups should have similar basic dimensions, so the width cannot be chosen.

Making thick, smooth micro-foams requires patience and dexterity. Without it, no latte is correct. In the absence of bubbles, there is no opportunity to produce high-quality latte art. 

The ideal amount of milk should be at the bottom of the spout, about 1/3 of the way.

Both shape and size play a role in the foaming capacity of milk jugs. Some pitchers use straight-edged buildings, while others rely on bell-shaped bottoms.

milk pitcher

When choosing the size of a milk jug, the most important thing is how much milk you need to drink your coffee. When it comes to milk steaming and foaming, you don't want your jug ​​out of space or too full.

If it is empty, you cannot insert your steam stick into the milk for good ventilation. If the milk is too full, the milk will spill when you are steaming.

You can find jugs with extra features that they claim will further help you to add latte in frothed milk, which we will see later.

2. Material and surface treatment

The ideal coffee milk pitcher should be made of stainless steel and should have a slightly conical shape. In the process of frothing milk, its purpose is to capture and block most of the heat generated by steam, and promote the absorption of air. It must have a lip that is crucial to the implementation of cappuccino and the creation of latte art.

In addition to the characteristics of a pitcher, his overall strength will also affect his value. Most of it is made of stainless steel, which is very important. But how thick is the steel?

You want a jug made of high-quality stainless steel because it keeps the temperature constant while you steam it. That is, when you steam milk to 160°F/70°C, the milk jug will heat up with milk. If you feel uncomfortable with the stainless steel milk frother, you can find a Teflon coating to protect your fingers and hands.

Barista Gear milk pitcher
If too thin, it may start to decompose quickly and you will not be able to knock out the foam well. Also, is the handle well-welded because an unstable welding job means buying a new pitcher as soon as possible.

There are even more popular surface treatments, Teflon and titanium, there are some more fashionable surface treatment, according to the needs of customers continue to update.

We need to get a beautiful looking and comfortable pitcher.

3. Spout

A pitcher is making Rosettas, Tulips, Hearts and relying more heavily on its spout. You can find some models without spout, so it is difficult to draw any coffee art. Because of this, we will not consider any spout-less pitcher.

Although experienced baristas and professionals may make perfect lattes from any milk jug, some designs make it easier to use specific spout shapes. The good spout will makes these jugs easier to learn and train , and also better for barista beginners.
sharp spout milk jug

Most people start their latte art journey from heart-shaped and tulips. But to simplify this, you will have a lot of "bubbles": foam that pours out nicely, smoothly, and in more or less rounded forms.

When you start to steam milk and make latte art, the best pitcher to make blobs would be classic spout pitcher. That will allow the foam to flow out good rounded shape.

Because the depth, sharpness, and width of spouts change their inclination. You can pour more bubbles in a short period of time, or you can focus on fine line art with the slow and sharp spout pitcher.

Rosettas will have difficulty using these wide-shaped spouts, but a slow one (its leaves are less thick) is an option. They also adapt well to the waves!

latt art

On the other hand, the traditional rosetta and exquisite pull-flower art (such as swan and peacock) set are narrower and sharper. This gives you more control over the detailed design.

There are many classic style milk jugs that are widely used to handle a variety of latte art patterns. 

Motta milk jug will have a more curved spout for your hearts and tulip layers if you want to work on the evenness of rounded pours.

Barista Gear milk jug offer thinner and sharper spouts for complex latte art pours.

Ada Crew Milk jug will be very good for fine line latte art. But price is very expensive.

BaristaSpace Milk jugs can make professional latte art with Good Spout and price will be better than other brand.

4. Handle

Whether you want a handle depends on how you hold the jug while pouring. Some people have found that when pouring, a jug without a handle gives them more flexibility. It also allows you to better hold the top of the jug, giving you more control and precision in your spout.

On the other hand, you need to remember that you are steaming milk at high temperatures. If you want a jug without a handle, I suggest you wrap it with a thermal insulation.

If you want to choose a pitcher with handle, some of them are with nails settle, like Rattleware and Motta.

Some advanced jug's handle with welding, look more beautiful and that will not get painful when you use it , because the pitcher with milk is too heavy, something pop out will hurt fingers and hand if you make the wrong position. These will be like The newest Jibbi jug, Barista Gear, BaristaSpace or Ada Crew.

ada crew steaming pitcher

In this article, we discussed a lot of issues, but the most important thing in choosing the milk tank is whether you are satisfied with it. And we can not say which jug is the best,  but we can say about that which jug will be The most cost-effective. Means got the better milk jug with best price. 

because the best milk pitcher will have proper weight, balance and heat control, good spout, better price, better handle, better design for Multifaceted comparison.

You should also pay attention to how much control you have when pouring. When you need to use more pressure, when you gradually reduce, how do you hold the pitcher, these should be taken into account. And also Different people's hands are different feeling for different jugs. Even if other baristas say it is good, sometimes it is not good for you.

coffee milk jug

For a barista, try different pitchers, find your favorites, and improve your skills. Getting the right milk jug is a step toward improving your milk steaming, latte art, and full barista skills.

4 Brands Milk Pitchers to Consider.

1. Motta
2. Barista Gear
3. Ada Crew
4. BaristaSpace

 1. Motta Mike Jug

Motta professional milk pitcher 3 colors- Red, Black, White

This jug made with thick walls and nice welding. It may break the counter before anything on the Motta  comes loose.

And it comes in a base stainless steel and you can choose 3 colors from the pitcher, It is popular in the world.

motta red milk jug

                      ( Red Motta )

black motta milk jug

                     (Black Motta)

Here's a summary of my pros and cons.


1.The top half of the Europa pitcher is angled, bringing the pitcher walls closer together. This feature forces the milk together while frothing, and makes for outstanding micro-foam.

2.The edge of this pitcher is rounded, which ensures you don’t cut yourself when washing it.  It also means pouring from the side comes out smoothly if you are making a white top cappuccino.

3.Since the spout is so long, it works wonderfully when pouring into a tall glass, allowing you to start drawing a bit earlier.


1. With that quality though, comes a little bit expensive than the average frothing pitcher.

2.Since the pitcher has a smaller diameter, it can be more difficult to recombine milk that has separated from its foam. Because of that, the Motta may be better suited for an experienced barista who won’t need to recombine their milk several times. 

3.The spout is quite deep, but not as sharp as some other brands. The depth means you can pour very contrasted colors in your latte art, but they might not have quite the definition as the sharper spouted pitchers, like Rattleware’s.


2. Barista Gear Milk Pitcher

This milk jug made of Stainless steel-S304, and Titanium Mark for surface treatment. And Sharp pouring spout that will Easy to control the direction for the milk pouring for barista to make latte art.

The handle is designed to fit nicely in your palm & guarantee handle spout straight alignment and perfect comfortable for latte art.

barista gear milk pitcher


1.Very safe and Eco-environmental, luxurious decoration for barista or cafe.
2. The easiest pitcher to use for barista beginner, and the special design look perfect.


It's more expensive than the average frothing pitcher.


3. Ada Crew Milk Jugs


This Brand now updated to be Ada Crew 3.0.

And well-known all over the world.

milk jugs


1.Ada Crew Milk jug's handle is so big and very long. 





1. 750ml Size some barista don't like to buy.

2. The price is very high. you can check details here: Ada Crew.


4. WPM Milk Pitcher


Never Stand Still (NSS) Concept is a new project which crossover with IVY LKY (2016 New York Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion.


1.It's really lightweight, thin and very good for hand to control.

    Excellent quality.

2. 2016 NY Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion Jug.

The Sharp Spout Jug really good to make latte art. 

3.Really Great Workmanship.


1. 450ml Size some barista don't like to buy.

2. The price is little high. you can check details here: WPM Milk jug.


5. BaristaSpace Milk Pitcher

This Jug was recommended by many barista champions:

Click here to check Who recommended BaristaSpace jug.

coffee milk pitcher


1. Good Design.

The weight of the coffee tamper and intelligent height adjustment will lead to the degree of loose powder when pressing ~ to seriously affect the quality of the espresso ~

2.Good Quality and Good Price.

The shape of the milk jug's sharp spout ~ size ~ good design ~ will better for the fineness of the latte art.

The Price is better than other big brand.

3. Good Reputation and Famous Brand.

Have Many top baristas and different baristas use this jug to join the latte art competition.

Baristaspace brand is the Famous Brand with very good price.
Baristaspace brand was Showed by WBC 2018 champion.
2018 Coffee Master london champion .
2018 Croatia barista champion.
2018 Italian latte art champion brand.
2018 Brazilian Latte Art Champion brand.

You can see more latte art Champions' videos for the Champions here.

BaristaSpace Brand Milk Pitcher Was Showed in WLAC Brazil 2018.

1.Poland Latte Art Champion get 5th place in the final.
2.Italian Latte Art  Champion get in semi-Final.
3.Sweden Latte Art Champion, South Africa Latte Art  Champion, Costa Rica Latte Art  champion, Belarus Latte Art champion Showed our brand in WLAC first Round.

Can see all videos here:

4. Customize Milk Jug

Can make one personal logo for you jug. Very popular way for the barista want to have a milk jug only belong to him. and you can see how much the barista like it : BaristaSpace Buyer Show.


Sometime will out of stock, because the price is good and many baristas buy it.

That is some baristas make latte art videos with BaristaSpace Jug.


 If you want to buy popular coffee milk jugs for latte art, we recommand: BaristaSpace Brand.

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