How to get 5 key factors BEFORE MAKING ESPRESSO

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So, last time we talked about milk and latte art. Please check the article below to review.

How to steam milk for milk frother to make perfect latte art ?

Now we are going to talk a little bit  more about everything you know before brewing espresso, how to make perfect espresso, tools for espresso, espresso troubleshooting.

We will split this in few parts. Todays part is, things you need to know everything before starting making espresso.

We promise that we will point you in the right direction.

Where do you start?

Variables of Coffee Brewing

First of all we will talk about few things we call "brewing variables". Most of these apply when making any kind of coffee, but some are unique for making espresso.Let's get started.



Before making an espresso, roasted coffee beans need to be grinded.

For making espresso, you need to grind coffee finer than most methods.

You know you're going the right direction once the ground coffee begins to clump together.

Later, you will learn how to manipulate the grind to achieve different results.


coffee funnel


For the standard serving size, double espresso shot, we prefer to use between 16 and 21 grams of ground coffee.

As you add more coffee, your shot will increase in both body and intensity.

It depens on type of beans and roasting profile so we leave that on you to choose.

Check the BaristaSpace Dosing Funnel here.



After we have dosed the coffee, next very important step is leveling. This step which is most commonly forgotten by baristas and the resault is bad extraction of coffee.We need more professional tamper&distribution tool to tamp. otherwise it will  Affected the espresso extraction of coffee.

In general we recommend the Adjustable height for tamp which no sticky coffee powder and Convenient one,  not to hurt the hand if you use the handle tamper many time a day, it will be better be special chamfer design looking cool.

Thats why we recommend using our Baristaspace distributor.

coffee distributor

Tamping is important just like leveling, but it is useless if the leveling isn't done properly.

Unlike the leveling, baristas pay more attention on tamping, but lets break the myth: The tamping presure is not that important, it is important to do it evenly.

Tamping is important in two situations, we will talk more about them in "How to make perfect espreso".



Water heated to 90.5-96 ºC is ideal for preparing coffee, and some espresso machines have temperature controller called "PID controller" .

espresso machine PID controller

If yours does, play within this range to find what you like. You'll notice that lower temperatures draw out more brightness, while increasing up the heat produces roasty flavors.

If you're not able to choose the temperature, you can assume that the machine is doing its job.


When we are making espresso we mesure coffee input and beverage output. Depending on your dose, basket size and what flavours you want in your cup.


With our recommended dose, leveling and tamping, hit that brew button on your espresso machine.

It should pass about 25 to 30 seconds between the beginning of the espresso extraction and the moment your cup is full. Half minute for cup full of pure happines? Not bad at all

In the end, yield and time depens on what kind of coffee barista wants to serve in the coffee shop.

In next chapter we will talk more about tools for espresso, making perfect espresso, espresso tips and troubleshooting.

And showing the Espresso Extraction Video will be good like this video:



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