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What is Latte Art Throwdown?

latte art throwdown

Latte art throwdown means: an event where baristas compete, head to head, pouring their best latte art in front of judges and, in some cases, specialty coffee enthusiasts and consumers. They can be competitive – and sometimes stressful – but they also create an opportunity for baristas to grow and for the coffee community to come together.

Barista sandhi:I Won The Latte Art Throwdown in Indonesia Using BaristaSpace Milk Jug

My name sandhi prawira maulana, I come from a small province in Lampung, bandar lampung, precisely in Indonesia, a country rich in natural resources.

Bartender, was my first profession in serving drinks. I did not know yet what coffee is, I knew just how to mix alcohol and non alcohol at that time.

Approximately 6 years ago I started getting to know coffee machines, and started learning a lot from senior baristas and over the Internet. Latte Art is the thing I love first learning about coffee, how great from a cup of coffee can milk a beautiful art creations.

All I learned was self-taught by coincidence in my area no one has started on a serious coffee shop business. I then moved to work more deeply about coffee .. From there I began to pursue and study what is coffee and art creations from a cup of milk coffee.

latte art milk jugs

Probably because of my consistency about coffee and barista, I really love what I do, it looks from the appreciation of the people I meet. They always ask you how to prepare your love for coffee, and I always answer, love coffee, enjoy coffee, coffee, and automatically coffee will give something to you even in your life. 

When coffee is no longer a lifestyle even more than a lifestyle, there I have much to learn again .. Many people who want to explore the world of Latte art and of course need help from milk jug, no doubt through my barista space more can pull out what I want to pour through a cup of milk coffee.

coffee art jugs

Now I am working on wake up café and carwash which I started pioneering here, I am still studying and continue to learn more about coffee, because coffee is never any restriction about learning. See you next time, if you visit Indonesia, believe me you are the most lucky person in this world.

And I won the latte art throwdown using BaristaSpace milk jug.

barista championship

That is the most important moment of my life so far. and i will work hard to get more title, and BaristaSpace will support me for new milk pitcher as Mike said BaristaSpace 1.0 Plus and 2.0 milk jug will come out soon.

My instagram account is : 


Hope we can be friends to make good latte art.

And you know what, My Son also like BaristaSpace, that is really cool photo , and at last i hope BaristaSpace brand can getting more better and bigger. And see you guys in my instagram. Have a good day!!!

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