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How to make latte art For Baristas

Some Barista beginners alway asking how to do latte art. So today we introduce a barista teacher.

Dhan Tamang

UK Latte Art Champion 2013 To 2018,
World Latte Art Championship 2016 Finalist
AUTHOR of Coffee Art Book


In 2013-2018, he won the title of the UK Latte Art Championship for 6  times. He is known for his use of color and precise design within the coffee art world.

Mr. Dhan Tamang was born in Nepal. He has shown his coffee art skills around the world and trained future baristas in his coffee laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Dhan: I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been in the UK for six years. After moving here, I began to learn everything I could about coffee.

Since I first became a barista, I fell in love with the coffee world. Give my guests coffee, and attach a special design that will give them a smile on their faces every day... Is there a better job than this?

The longer I spend with coffee, the stronger my feelings for it. I have always been eager to learn more about coffee latte art and I am able to travel around the world to learn and share...

I won the UK Latte Art Championship in Competition 6 times. for my own diligence and passion for coffee. Now I will share my enthusiasm and creativity with the wonderful designs in this book to share with you at home.

If you have more patience and are willing to practice step by step for latte art, and you want to achieve this fabulous coffee skill at your home.
It is not impossible.

Latte Art Video for Dhan:

 These art designs in this book are very cool and The book will show you how to create perfect artwork on your coffee.

From simple design to 3D coffee art like sculptures; from mastery of basic latte art techniques to more complex "black belt" barista designs, you will learn more about coffee latte art and can see the list of different types of art.

There are 60 designs in the book for you to try. When practicing to the end of the book, I believe that you must be able to free pour, etch, stencil, and sculpt a surprising pattern for your family and friends to come to the party. The guests will be very surprised to see your latte art designs.

coffee art book

Before making better latte art, What equipment do you need?

The art of coffee lacing does not require much equipment, but here are some basic items for everyone:

★ A coffee machine that can make espresso.

★ Milk frother - you can choose the basic model, or you can choose more expensive within your own ability to pay.

It will be used to steam steaming milk, froth, and make lattes and cappuccinos, babyccino. You can buy a fully functional coffee machine with steaming wand, but you can also use a basic foamer to achieve the same effect.

★ Pouring jug - used to pour in milk from espresso. Such as some good brand milk jugs like Ada Crew, BaristaGear, BaristaSpace.

best latte art milk pitcher

★ Choose coffee cups of different sizes - either small espresso cups or large cappuccino cups, depending on your preference for a cup of coffee.

★ Etching tool - You can use any tool that can be engraved, such as the end of a teaspoon handle, a small awl for woodwork, a cocktail bar, or better with an latte art pen.

 good latte art

The book "Coffee Art " can see in Amazon 

coffee art book

The review of "Coffee Art" is really good. All 5 Starts.

latte art book reviews

The Art Of Pour: An Interview With "Coffee Art" Author Dhan Tamang

Hey Dhan, thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell our readers a little bit about how you got into latte art?

Dhan: I have been making coffee since 2007, so coming up on 11 years. When I started making coffee—with chocolate syrup—I used to draw just on the top of hot chocolates and mochas and I noticed that the customers’ reactions were priceless. I’ve always believed that keeping customers satisfied and meeting their expectations is the key for any successful business. In fact, I was unfamiliar with anything about latte art at that time.

Gradually my curiosity and questions developed regarding what would happen if I were able to create some wonderful coffee art just like in the hot chocolates and mochas. Then I started to search on the internet, and luckily there were materials on latte art and I commenced learning the techniques and skills all from YouTube. I’ve never been trained from any other latte artist, so massive thanks to YouTube for being my instructor.

What skill level of latte artist is your book written for?

The fundamental part of this book is that it targets all levels of coffee artist, from very basic to advanced levels (black belt level). It includes 60 incredible coffee art designs with easy-to-follow and entirely demonstrated instructions for all skill levels.

You include many designs of your own creation in the book, many that you used in World Latte Art competitions. Which ones are you most proud of?

Overall, I’m very proud of all of the designs, but there are some of my favorites in the books: the Dragon, the Jumping Dolphin, and the Unicorn.

It is a very good book for making Better Coffee Latte Art.

More details you can contact Instagram account:

Dhan Tamang



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