SAERDNA/ ADA CREW Latte Art Milk Pitcher Jug / BaristaSpace 1.0 Plus Rose

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Latte art Frothing Pitchers

BaristaSpace Milk jugs Shop have different products for sale.

Ada Crew please click here to check. and you can laser your logo on the other side.

ada crew

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And this listing we sale are Rose style milk jugs.

Nice high quality stainless steel Jug and mark Rose Water transfering Printing. Seems like a romantic day here, and probably will play a important role in your barista jog.

Very good enough to steam milk for a couple single lattes, however, It is a really nice gift for your girl-friend if you are a man.

coffee tools jug

milk jugs

 And that wil be Such a great frothing pitcher! Very nice design, and you will love that there are marks on the Rose pattern. Very easy to clean and perfectly for getting a good time for latte art.

you can make a single latte at a time, and needed a 12 oz pitcher or 20 oz, so this is 2 sizes set for sale also. will Like the pouring lip so you can decant the coffee out from under the foam. Shape of pitcher holds more without being much taller, so clearance under the frother tip is still ok. Very nice finish, and attractive looking.

fashionable milk pitcher

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samin Javidan
Best pitcher to buy

We struggled over which size pitcher to buy , we searched a lot of website in google , and glad we chose this one.
We didn't think we would need other size because 600ML is good for us, Well made, great product.

Nice Rose pitcher

i always buy pitcher from baristaspace. and it is really Functional, durable, and pretty design, we use this pitcher every single day for foaming milk and soy milk to top matchas, iced coffees, and lattes. I like a handheld frother because it's easier to control the quantity and fluff factor, but this pitcher works equally well with machine frothers. It's a nice bargain for purchase. This is a great little pitcher and a reasonable price. and l really like the brown rose one.

My love , Gold Rose Pitcher

The pitcher is really beautiful and shiny.
I even had it engraved for my colleagues birthday and now its a really unique gift.
Sellers support was also flawless, thank you

After Got my 12oz jugs. I love them!
They match a few pieces I have already so I thought I'd get them.
Highly recommend anyone looking to make sharp and precise lines.
Even using them as far as gels & foams for a Isi thermo.
Amazing as. Cheers, mike.

And that Expectation vs reality is a 100% match! Just as described and delivered in a timely manner.
Genuinely satisfied! Many thanks

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