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Who is Tam Witsawawit?

How to pour good latte art from him?

He is an artist for Barista job.

16 Ristr8to World Battle 18

🦇Semi final NTLAC18

🏆 3rd LATCF16 Cafehopper -> 

✨Latte art🦎 ❤️Coffee☕️ 🙋Roots' Barista & Latte Artist 🖌

Showing his nice latte art:

1.The owl on the tree

the owl on the tree

2. A fox in forest

a fox in forest

3.Jumping rabbit on a tree

Jumping rabbit on a tree

More Etching Good Latte Art he made by BaristaSpace milk jugs and the art pen.

The Latte art pen can check here:

Stainless Steel Carved Stick Art Pen

BaristaSpace Milk pitcher for pour latte art check here:

Coffee Stainless Steel Polished Titanium Milk Jug Barista Pitcher Tool

If you wanna pour good latte art, You need to get cold and fresh milk.

Most baristas prefer full fat milk for Latte Art , but it is really up to you,

if you use a right technique then it doesn't make too much difference.

Just make sure that the milk is fresh and straight out of the fridge until that good for yourself.

And make latte art again and again to get your own idea.

 This Video will show the good pour latte art and etching latte art he made:

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