How to Become a Good Barista With No Experience-Carlos Alvarado

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Perseverance is the tool to achieve your goals.

I'm Carlos.

I have Salvadoran roots and live and work in Italy currently , the homeland of pizza, pasta, wine and of course espresso.

I started as a barista in typical Italian bars. And discovered a new world and I fell in love, I think that if you love the work you do then you will work hard in your daily life.

So I started practicing latte art on my own, watching videos on YouTube, then start studying and delving into the coffee world, Now I still think that it is important and not only the practice, but also the theory.

barista job

And customer service is very important as well as a good drawing of Latte art because that can brighten the day to a person, a warm greeting and a smile do not have to miss.

I am currently studying the SCA (specialty coffee association) course and working in a coffee shop / micro roastery , That is only a small step in the long road that I have to travel.

A quality coffee, a correct extraction, a good latte art technique and a lot of passion are the combination for a good cappuccino.

And thanks to BaristaSpace because it gives us the necessary tools to do a good job in our work, thanks for the opportunity that I have here to make known what I do, since when I use BaristaSpace milk pitcher  , my Latte art has improved a lot and I am more precise and drawing cleaner.

baristaspace milk jug

thank you for letting me share my passion with the rest of the world, as future projects I want to start competing and learning to roast coffee, and remember filter coffee not people. and I like Music & Coffee , that is so good for my life.

milk pitcher make latte art

And these are my pictures in La Marzocco:

And the places I have been to:

After I got the BaristaSpace Latte Art Competition 2018 BSLAC 4th.

And The 2nd December, 2018, I am the Winner of Coffee Masters Italy 2018, Very happy day.

Coffee Masters Italy 2018

And this picture for 

Coffee Masters Italy 2018:

 Italian Coffee Masters 2018

And thank you for reading my story, and that is my instagram, and we can have more fun together and be friends.



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