Coffee Dosing Funnel + Tamping Station Set 51/52/53/54 MM

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BaristaSpace Aluminium 51/52/53/54 MM Coffee Funnel Tamping Set 





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Ben (Toronto, CA)
NOT for 51mm Europiccola naked portafilter with tiny ears.

Doesn't work at all for my 51mm naked Portafilter, the portafilter just falls right in the center.
I'm probably out the $15 ish Canadian in duties I had to pay, plus whatever it is going to cost to ship back to China.
Also got the Magnetic funnel which is ALSO way too big and useless for 51mm. The 58mm tamping station works better.
They should really make these individual sizes, one for 51mm another for 53 or 54mm or include an adaptor for the larger one so the smaller size ones can fit properly.

*Updated Review: Upped from 1 star to 3, They offered a refund but I didn't think it was worth the cost of shipping back so I'll probably re-sell it or gift it to someone with a 53 or 54mm which it SHOULD work well with (or likely some other 51mm machines with larger ears like Delonghi machines most likely). It just doesn't work with my 51mm, the Funnel is likely still too small for 51mm Delohnghi machines I would think, but the tamp stand could work fine if it has larger ears.

The shop was nice and sent me a gift since I wasn't happy initially.
The 58mm version works nicely with a 58mm portafilter and the funnel fits nicely as well. I have both a 51mm machine and 58mm so I got both versions.

paul (The Bronx, US)
Nice addition to my espresso machine

I love the look of my funnel and tamping stand. The magnet could be a little stronger as it doesn’t sit securely enough to actually get my grinder to start the grind; I have to reach around and press the button. Not critical but for the price I would expect a little more. They took a long time to arrive but still enjoy not spilling g coffee all over my counter as I load my portafilter

Iranika Coffee (Yilan, TW)
Dose > Grind > WDT > Level > Tamp > Pull shot > Enjoy! ☕️👌🏼😉

While I mostly brew pourover coffee, making espresso requires it’s own routine, prep work and tools to achieve more consistency. Swipe left to see mine...

itssara_q8 (Yilan, TW)
Save $$ and buy here!

My espresso bar is now complete with these added tools. Thank you @baristaspace.official for a magnetic funnel and the 58mm height adjustment, rubber grip bottom tamping station. The quality, build and attention to detail for the barista is on point. Save $$ and buy here!

Carsten Ehrenreich (Copenhagen, DK)

Coffee Dosing Funnel + Tamping Station Set 51/52/53/54 MM

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