Coffee Thermometer for Latte Pitcher

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Milk Steaming Thermometer for Barista milk jugs

milk thermometer

Material: Stainless steel Measuring range: 0 ~ 120 ℃ Specifications: about 13.5cm long net weight: Features: A perfect ratio of cappuccino and latte coffee, milk, foam ratio is the focus of the configuration, but to milk out of cotton foam, the temperature control is the key, the thermometer refers to the pointer to 60 Degrees can stop steamed milk, so the actual stop steaming, the temperature will continue to rise to 70 to 80 degrees, the milk produced by the most fragrant, fine. Have a lightweight, with a degree of thermometer, can effectively help you to prune the milk temperature, make the perfect taste of milk foam;
thermometer product description: ● can be linked to the pointer thermometer, probe length 12.5cm; ● can be used to control the temperature of milk foam, but also measure the temperature of other liquid drinks, multi-purpose; ● multi-section design of the fixed clip, the surface can be adjusted position for easy observation of temperature;
barista thermometer How to use: ● milk temperature of about 60 ~ 65 ℃; ● The tip of the thermometer temperature detector should be about 1cm away from the bottom of the container. ● Measuring temperature can be fixed clip to fix the thermometer.

to prevent the thermometer dropped into the container when measuring;

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