Hand Coffee Drip Kettle Brewing Equipment

  • $46.00

Home Coffee Brewing Starter Kit

brewing equipment

1.Stainless-steel kettle with an ergonomic design.

2.Slender spout for slow, steady and controlled pouring.

coffee brewing methods

3.Ideal for use on any type of cooking surface, including induction.

4.Works perfectly with the Hario V60 ceramic coffee dripper.

coffee brewing

That is and very good hand coffee drip kettle.

The kettle is SAFE to boil your water with wood handle and wood lip. and it is very easy to clean up. Really highly recommend.

This Coffee Drip Kettle have 2 Sizes:


home brewing starter kit 


coffee drip kettle

If you want to buy some better coffee dripper for brewing job, and click here to see.

coffee dripper 

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