BaristaSpace 1.0 Plus Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher- Navy

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Fashionable Navy Style Milk Jug

That is really cool style, Such a great frothing pitcher! Very nice design and you will love that there are marks Navy Blue (even though you will think about the Blue sea when you really use them).

Blue mik jug

Very easy to clean to touch. We have upgrade the surface treatment, which this works perfectly for you! Very Creative Color actually getting more fun for everytime when you making latte art. And that is really Cool like we are respecting Navy soldiers.

Yes, that's why this design idea come out.

We admire the self-discipline and efforts of the soldiers. These are what we have to learn from than, then our Barista Job and Life will getting more better.

The Milk Pitcher Spout so good:

latte art pitcher spout

coffee art tools

The handle of the milk pitcher will be like:

milk jugs

If purchase a set of these will be cheaper than buy 2 pcs.

And these coffee jugs are incredible value. You will not find this quality such as these for the price anywhere. The 12 ounce is perfect for a single serve latte/Cappuccino; and the 20 ounce will do the job for two cups. Highly recommended!

latte art coffee tools

Customer Reviews

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Why i like this jugs

This is a review for BS 1.0 plus Stainless Steel Milk Pitcher Suitable for Coffee, Latte & Frothing Milk, Available in 12-Oz, 20-Oz sizes by BS Designer. this navy style look cool for the surface and touch really comfortable/////
Functional, durable, and pretty, we use this pitcher every single day this week for foaming milk and soy milk to top matchas, iced coffees, and lattes. I like a handheld frother because it's easier to control the quantity and fluff factor, but this pitcher works equally well with machine frothers.

It's good to order one set for purchase. will be cheaper than order one by one.haha We've clunked and dropped it a number of times and I can't see any knicks or dents. This is a great frothing pitcher and a reasonable price.

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