52mm Tamper- Espresso Coffee Tampers

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52 mm Stainless Steel Round Handled Coffee Tamper

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And for this 52mm tamper:

Stainless steel flat base, labor-saving and even when tamping coffee.

Works great in your kitchen or coffee bar.

52mm Espresso Coffee Tampers

An ideal gift for the discerning coffee drinker.

Material: stainless steel.

Size:52 mm

52mm Espresso Coffee Tampers

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52mm Tamper

Amazon Review:

My family had been using a tamper several millimeters too small for *years*, so we finally replaced it with this model.

Using the correct size tamper is extremely important when making espresso, because it's almost impossible to tamp the grounds evenly with an undersized tamper, and an oversized tamper simply will not fit! We used a caliper to measure the filter basket for our Starbucks barista machine (made by Saeco, but discontinued many years ago), as different brands and models of espresso machines will have slightly different sizes.

52mm Espresso Coffee Tamper

This tamper was the most affordable option we found in our size, and it has been perfect for our needs. I was pleasantly surprised by the heft of it, which makes tamping a lot easier, and the handle is very comfortable.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this tamper if you have a 52mm filter basket.

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