Milk Frothing Pitcher BaristaSpace 1.0 for Coffee Latte Art-Sandy Black

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Which type of steel is this Milk Frothing Pitcher made out of ?

MATERIAL - Jug is Made of Stainless Steel 304, it's Food Safe, won't Rust or Stain. Durable Sturdy andwill Last Longer than Plastic and Glass. Never Worry Break or Dropping.

Barista steaming pitcher

This is Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug for Espresso Coffee Cup and Barista Craft Coffee Latte Milk Pitcher for Coffeeshop and Home barista (600 ML / 20 oz and 350ML / 12 oz).


latte art coffee tools

It is Perfect for your small single cup espresso machine. it is the right size you would want for full size espresso mchine though. Good quality milk jug.

coffee frothing pitcher

Is that the milk jug Spout good for Latte Art?

The pitcher is very well made and the Matt Black Color looks very nice. After you got the pitcher, you would use a cup to try and take a vedio when  would use this frother, the milk would spill out over your cup with the pitcher, you will don't have that any problem.

The pitcher keeps the milk inside with no spills while you are frothing and really good for fine line latte art and other coffee arts.

We highly recommend this frother. Also beacuse the Spout so nice like that:

sharp milk jug spout

And we also have one set (350ml+600ml) to sale, If you own a coffee shop and this is by far the best you will own. The ounces on the inside are great for training staff and allows to waste the least amount of milk. If you would buy more than 10pcs of these. Please contact us and We can give big discount.

milk frothing jug

-Picture from Coffee Masters Italy 2018

- Carlos Alvarado:

Coffee Masters Italy 2018



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Milk Frothing Pitcher BaristaSpace 1.0 for Coffee Latte Art-Sandy Black

very nice milk jug for me
Feel blessed

Barista Space "mate gray". Very much excited to use it for wiggling Feel blessed
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BaristaSpace Sandy black jug is very nice

I am Barista SCA Intermediate!Coffee lover!!
Brewing Foundation!
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