Coffee keychain 10pcs/Set of customize logo

  • $59.99

How does the keychain be customized ?

  • Step 1:

    Please order online first, and then

send us your Photoshop or CDR (Send PDF or picture if you not have these two file) Face picture or Words,Logo to our Email:

And mark your name in email, so that We will answer and confirm you the laser draft.

  • Step 2: Select the keychain you like to Laser Logo on

All logos will be Laser by only one Color as model pictures.

It is Not silk-priniting, not colorful.

  • Step 3:

we will send the customized order with in 2-3 Days.

coffee keychain

 All details of material, size,weight, pictures about this product you can Click here to check.

BaristaSpace Task and Goal:  We want to see one barista one keychain ...just Belong to you.

Model showing:

customize coffee keychain

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