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58mm Espresso Distributor and Tamper Set

best coffee tamper

For tamping fresh ground espresso before brewing.

Material: Stainless steel (base),Aluminum (Handle cover)

Base Diameter:58mm

Height:Min70mm-Max 88mm

Weight: about 650g

coffee tamper 58mm

1.Questions From Customers

Do you do custom D1 & D2 distribution and palm tampers with a 58.4mm base diameter? And if that can be cheaper if I order 10 sets?

 Yeswe can customize , But need more quantity, and if you want to order more quantity, you can contact us: , price our sales will talk with you.

 coffee damper

2.What is the difference between your tampers and other tampers

1) Our product not stick the coffee powder.

2) We have 18mm adjustable for tamper base. Barista can check how deep it would be better.

3) The design is very beautiful and look very high-Class.

distributor and tamper set

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