C1 Coffee Adjustable Smart Distresso Distribution Tool With Coffee Tamper Base Distributor

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58mm Espresso For Portafilters or La Marzocco Sieb Coffee Machine

1.Brand Name: BaristaSpace.

2.Manufactured from Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper Base and Aluminium Ergonomic Handle.

3.Base Height is Min.7mm to Max.18mm Adjustable Convex (American Curve) Base.


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The base of the BaristaSpace C1 distributor is infinitely adjustable without any additional tool.
Simply loosen the handle and turn the base in or out.
To fasten the base, the handle is screwed tight again.
So it’s no problem to switch between different types of coffee or degrees of grinding and to adjust the distributor to the particular situation.

Show the 0-18mm for Measurement.

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