WPM Handle Free Latte Art Pitcher

  • $99.00

Handle-less Pitcher with Leather Sleeve (Shape spout)

WPM No Handler Leather Milk Jugs For Baristas

leather pitcher

Details for this WPM Milk Pitcher.

Dimension: 8x8x11cm

Volume: 450ml

Material: Stainless Steel

This Black handleless milk jug look very cool.

Black handleless milk jug

450ml barista handleless milk jug 

High-Class 450ml barista handleless milk jug with Leather Sleeves.

WPM No Handler Milk Jugs

Baristas making latte art with WPM No Handler Milk Jugs.

Handle-less Pitcher


This Handle free design allows for more steaming and pouring flexibility for the barista, You can order one to have a try.



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