55mm Espresso Coffee Tamper

  • $39.99

Modern Professional Coffee Espresso Tamper 100% Stainless Steel Base

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This 55mm tamper is from Amazon.

Sizes : (55mm)

55mm tamper

100% 304 Stainless steel flat base. Aluminium handle.

Commercial premium quality, made in Israel. Tampers are brand new and never been used.

Heavy duty. Top quality material. Easy to use and clean.

The dimensions are: height 9 cm (3.55''), weight 400-450 gr (0.88-1.04 pound)(depends on base diameter).

55mm coffee tampers for sale

Watch Maya Italy 55mm tamper here:

 You can order this 55mm coffee tamper here.

55mm espresso tamper

Amazon Review:

 I ordered the 58.35mm tamper for my E61 Expobar Office Leva, and this tamper is absolutely perfect.

The things I was looking for in a tamper were weight, removable base/handle, and SHARP EDGES. This tamper meets everything. My 58.35mm tamper clocks in at 466 grams/16.4oz.

I could switch bases or handles for whatever reason, and it has nice sharp edges which are proven to improve extraction.

I use an IMS Precision E61 triple basket for my 20g shots, and this 58.35mm tamper fits like a glove. This basket has no taper or reduction in diameter towards the bottom, so it fits all the way down.

I've checked it with my stock basket, and it fits equally as well. And because of the perfect size, the coffee is pressed flat edge to edge. And, like a previous reviewer mentioned, level tamps are very easy because of the fit. Considering the price, don't have any hesitation about this tamper.



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