50mm Coffee Espresso Tamper

  • $42.99

Espresso tamper 50mm for that was cut out from the coffee workshop Nana steel round bar (japan import)

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And for this 50mm tamper, it is from Amazon.

50mm tamper

One by one, a Japanese craftsman is one article of the genuine article that was cut out from round bar. I'm combines the "beauty like flowing" no joint the "ease of use". It is the shape that I try towards the varistor many, was arrived at by repeating the trial.


You can order this 50mm tamper in Amazon.

50mm coffee tamper

Amazon Review:

This is Perfect tamper:

A firm and hefty tamper. It looks and feels like it's machined out of a solid block of metal. There are no visible seams, which gives me the utmost confidence that there is no weak spot that will start to peel, rust or erode. It looks like it'll last until the end of times!

It fits my ROK espresso portafilter basket almost perfectly. I say "almost" because it leaves a small gap between the edge of the tamp and the portafilter basket side walls. This is to be expected, as too snug a fit might damage either the basket or the tamper. But know also that this small gap causes a build up of grinds along the side walls, which I brush off with my clean hands to ensure a flat surface.

As mentioned by other reviewers, the polished surface doesn't cause much coffee grounds to adhere to it so cleaning is a breeze, literally. Just blow any remnants off. Wiping it or hand washing is also super easy, and leaves no stains. Dries very quickly too.

The knob is comfortably big for the palm of your hands to rest on. It's also tall enough for those with longer fingers.

The base is completely flat. I have no issues with it, but I understand some would prefer a tamper with a slightly curved surface to prevent "channeling".

It's such a beautiful tool I wish the manufacturer made the same tamper of various sizes, for the day I upgrade my ROK to another espresso machine. It will sit proudly on your counter top and will undoubtedly share the limelight your espresso machine attracts. If you use a MacBook and appreciate how your laptop is milled from a solid block of aluminum, you'll love this tamper just as much. Just don't expect it to show up at your doorstep in two days. But trust me, this tamper is worth the wait!

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