Coffee Espresso Dosing Funnels

Clean up your espresso routine with the BaristaSpace Coffee dosing funnel.

coffee funnels

BaristaSpace dosing tool should help guide messy grinds directly into your portafilter basket, It can distribute and level your grounds for tamp straight through the Catcha for mess-free shot prep.

The 58mm funnel stand on top of your basket will fits a range of commercial-sized baskets from 57-60 mm.

Its handled design allows you to freely "lock" the Catcha onto your portafilter handle so it remains stable during use, then effortlessly remove it to set aside when you're done.

We have 2 color to choose, you can check here for the Gold and Silver one.

And there are customize logo funnel here also for you, just belong to you.

And more customize coffee tamper and milk jugs you can check it out.

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