Long Coffee Thermometer for coffee milk pitchers

  • $15.00

40cm Long Coffee Thermometer

Probe length: about 36 cm

Features: Adjustable clip

Temperature range: 20 ° to 280 ° C

Dial diameter: 5.5cm

Total Length: 40cm (lengthened for higher pot use)

Reminder: Pin thermometer accuracy and pin inserted in the liquid or food depth of the body, the probe inserted deeper, the higher the accuracy rate.

Frequently Asked Questions: Why is the thermometer just inserted into the boiling water test, the thermometer only shows about 80 to 90 degrees?

A: Because boiled water simply can not reach 100 degrees Celsius, you can compare with other thermometers. If the water reaches 100 degrees Celsius, it will vaporize in seconds, followed by the depth of your thermometer probe into the liquid Not deep enough, not completely inserted into the water, which will also affect the temperature value.

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