Barista Tools Gold Set (7 Items) for Christmas (Save 50USD)> BaristaSpace

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BaristaSpace Coffee Espresso Tools Gold Set

Golden Season!!!

All Products' Colors are Gold.

BaristaSpace Christmas Set including:

1. One Set BaristaSpace 2.0 450ml milk jug 

2. One set BaristsaSpace 58mm C Tamper&Distributors 

3. One piece C3 Needle tamper.

4. One piece Coffee Dosing Funnel.

5.  D1 Tamper&Distributor Set Tool 

6. Cupping Spoon.

Showing  Pictures:

1. BS2.0 milk jug. 450ml

2-3. C tamper&distributor Set + C3 Needle Tamper.

4. Coffee Dosing Funnel

5. D1 2-in -1 tamper&distributor set.

6. Cupping Spoon.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
heather bowman (Port Coquitlam, CA)

Barista Tools Gold Set (7 Items) for Christmas (Save 50USD)> BaristaSpace

Rafael Stein (Lima, PE)
5 Stars

All the products purchased merit 5 Stars

Bryan Barrett
Great Barista Set

Really enjoy the fine line this pitcher produces. and i like the rainbow one.
The handle feels a little deep, if you have a big hand, 600ml will fit you up, really cool. and the 350ml i also feel good just little tied, but ok.
And the tamper station and art pens are what i need, and my favourite product is the tamper set, my love, it is amazing.
so I'm sure I'll get used to this set ! Great purchase.

Chris Olson

Besides it obvious quality the and the perfect products...and have so much gifts... of the handle jugs to the make latte art, the tamper and tamper station.dosing funnel to make espresso for machine, and the art pen for etching art..and all products is a set for my barista job, the prices in really cheaper....
Happy shopping

Saif Hassan
Coffee Funnel , milk jugs, tamper, art pens Set- Works Well

After check this Set, it works better than i expected.

I enjoy my Profitec expresso machine immensely. My wife, not so much, given the grounds that would be on the kitchen counter after grinding the coffee.

But I found the BaristaSpace Set online and ordered it. These coffee tools works as advertised and now both of us are happy!!
I didn’t feel I was loosing anything, I bought the funnels,milk jugs, tamper set, to reduce the mess. Mission accomplished.

It is well made, This set given the almost $100 price cheaper if i buy one by one.
I would buy it again and recommend it without hesitation.

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